Epoxy Flooring Construction Requirements For The Ground

Epoxy flooring construction begins with the treatment of the ground, so what are the requirements for the ground before construction? Let’s find out below.

  1. Concrete is required to be flat and dense, with strength not less than c20; too poor strength will inevitably affect the coating pressure resistance, impact resistance and durability;
  2. Ground flatness is generally required within 2m range, the difference is not greater than 2mm (it is best to use a smoothing machine to smooth and collect light); if the difference is large, the flooring coating should be thickened to reduce the difference;
  3. If the painted ground is at the bottom, the water table is high, the concrete bottom should make good waterproof treatment, to avoid the formation of groundwater rising steam pressure topping the floor coating and cause blistering, crusting phenomenon.
  4. Concrete dry at least three weeks, water content is not higher than 8%, and in the process of maintenance and drying to avoid local rain and ground water, otherwise it is easy to cause local concrete water content exceeds the standard.
  5. The floor slab, reinforced concrete beams and reinforced concrete beams and the concrete cast in parts on the fine stone concrete leveling layer strength should not be less than c20, thickness of not less than 30mm.
  6. Epoxy flooring to the damaged concrete surface repair or leveling should be carried out in accordance with gb50212 national standards, namely (1), when using fine concrete leveling, the strength level should not be less than c20, thickness should not be less than 30mm.(2), when the grass-roots level must be leveled with cement mortar, should be coated with a layer of concrete interface treatment agent, and then leveling according to the design thickness. (3) when the above operation is not suitable for the construction process, resin mortar or polymer cement mortar can be used for leveling.Epoxy Flooring Construction Requirements For The Ground
  7. Detailed parts, such as around the downspout, threshold and other concrete should be flat, angles and corners should be straight.
  8. A large area of the concrete base should be cut according to the condition of the substrate and leave the reasonable expansion joints to be dealt with when the flooring is painted, in order to keep the ground beautiful, try to conceal the expansion joints under the partition, it is not possible, when the construction of epoxy flooring leave joints, and then use elastic glue to fill the joints.

If the concrete base does not meet the requirements, the concrete layer layer caused by the floor coating crust, off, the bottom layer does not do waterproof treatment or waterproof blistering phenomenon, the substrate serious uneven and coating design is unreasonable (too thin) caused by the floor coating cracking phenomenon, flooring construction party should not be responsible.