Ground Stone Expansion Joint Treatment Technology

Modern buildings with high floors, large area, involving geological temperature and other factors will often set up deformation joints, building decoration is often easy to encounter deformation joints of a kind called expansion joints. The expansion joint is a structural joint set vertically along the appropriate part of the length of the house to prevent the building components from cracking or destroying due to climate and temperature changes (heat rise, cold contraction).

Limited by the current development of construction technology, the traditional decorative expansion joint practice expansion joint space is large, easy to break, later maintenance happens more, and due to the traditional practice for the expansion joint is not set to protect the expansion joint, water can flow to the expansion joint and lead to product damage downstairs.

The traditional construction process

In the traditional construction process, the ground stone expansion joint construction more v-shaped galvanized stainless steel sheet lap, lap expansion joint two sides of the concrete ground, stainless steel expansion bolts to connect the sheet, to make it firmly fixed.

In the “V” Shape galvanized stainless steel skin on both sides of the relative position of welded steel structure skeleton (more to expand the bolt fixed angle steel, fired 4 * 6 square tube) to make tension spring connection fixings

Weld tension spring, customized “U” Shaped clips for fasteners to fix the connection of the stone, while the inside of the clips with a foam strip glued, so that the stone and the clips are closely connected. With the help of the spring tension, the stone can be avoided to be deformed and fractured by the tension generated by the deformation of the expansion joint.

At the same time, in the stone and galvanized iron generally use more filled with cement sand, in order to avoid the stone weight and external force in the ground expansion joint under the extrusion, resulting in the ground stone local force damage phenomenon. In order to make the upper ground stone and the lower stone connection solid and does not produce hard contact and misalignment phenomenon, the middle interspersed pad with rubber pad, protection of double stone flexible contact.

The defects of traditional technology

  1. Construction nodes are many, the drawing deepening, need to consider a variety of factors
  2. The construction level of the workers is required to be quite high, a little carelessness, it is likely to lead to construction errors.
  3. Long construction period, high operation requirements, affecting the construction progress.
  4. Many kinds of materials, complex combinations, and virtually increase the cost of material procurement
  5. Multi-job coordination, complex handover procedures, easy to cause construction chaos.
  6. There are certain safety hazards in the construction.

In view of this, the search for a more advanced

New ground stone expansion joint technology in line with modern building decoration requirements has become the current decoration industry urgent need to solve the requirements. In order to find the best solution, the construction and design staff of our project department visited a number of experienced instructors, consulted through the internet, read books and materials, and finally selected a new expansion joint treatment method that meets our construction requirements and avoids the traditional process defects.

Easy on-site assembly

Steel-frame stone unit integrated connection, quick installation technology, it is proposed to research through the development of unitized stone special connection system and connection components, will be a single slab of stone parts unit in the factory production processing into semi-finished products, through on-site demonstration, can easily realize the decorative project stone quick installation, simple and convenient easy to operate.

Load uniformly dispersed stone load uniformly dispersed key technology

The proposed development of ground stone expansion joints technology, the two sides of the stone for 3 stacked form a “Concave” Shape, and then in the “Concave” Shape stone interposed a piece of the same stone, layered design approach to pressure testing, adjusting the depth of the stone sandwich stone on both sides of the stone, looking for the most suitable depth, to achieve the effect of uniform load dispersed

Flexible and secure connections

Pinch inserted stone and “Concave” Shape stone articulation need to set up a flexible solid structure, proposed to find a similar rubber round material, pad between the stone, the field observation found that the application of new materials can effectively meet the stone connection solid, load cushion decompression effect

Compared with the traditional construction process, the new key technology of the ground stone expansion, in the construction cycle with the saving of

It also reduces the difficulty of on-site construction, changing the time-consuming and difficult construction of traditional technology and the hidden safety hazard.

At the same time, the materials are simple and easy to procure, which can ensure the timely supply of materials, the completion of the

The finished product, from an aesthetic point of view, is more adapted to the overall layout of the stone floor, without any inappropriate protrusions.

Ugg feeling. From the engineering point of view, this new key technology of ground stone expansion can be widely promoted so that

It is easy to install and produce without the hindrance of region, climate or site, and is modular.

Convenient, safe and solid construction environment, is the best choice for modern building decoration floor construction.

Ground Stone Expansion Joint Treatment Technology

New technology features

  1. All physical properties construction, without any dangerous operation links, to a certain extent to reduce the pollution of air, reducing the risk of the construction process, to achieve the effect of green environmental protection and safety decoration.
  2. Simple, convenient and easy to operate, and can make modular components at the same time when erecting scaffolding, which not only reduces the construction difficulty and adapts to the requirements of on-site workers’ technical skills to save energy, but also greatly shortens the construction period and accelerates the construction progress.
  3. Innovative conversion layer system, construction structure is simple and clear, not only construction costs, while effectively solving the traditional process of stone dislocation, fracture and other quality problems, minimizing the safety hazards, and this program is applicable to a wide range, to meet the construction needs of the building interior decoration.

New technology, new benefits

This method meets the relevant technical requirements, solves the drawbacks brought by traditional steel frame construction, innovates the conversion layer system, the on-site construction operation is simple and pollution-free, and the mature application of relevant technology can also promote the development of other industries. The physical nature of the construction, to a certain extent, to reduce the air pollution, reduce the possible existence of security risks, to achieve the effect of green environmental protection and safety decoration, in line with the modern building decoration industry within the requirements of sustainable development.

Factory production, module after-field production, on-site assembly and installation, saving a lot of manpower and material loss, but also effectively speed up the construction speed, improve the quality of on-site construction, have good social and economic benefits.

The field test, the project ground stone expansion of new key technology, whether it is a combination of materials, technology and technology, or quality and safety are greatly improved over the traditional process, and belongs to the leading level in the building decoration industry. The application of the technology can greatly shorten the construction period for the project, but also create a great profit space, increase the industry benefits.