1. If the seam is not divided, the lower part corresponding to the seam opening will be stretched and cracked sooner or later under the action of temperature stress. It may cause the seam to break unevenly and form the surface of the wear-resistant floor part to break unevenly, especially in the area where the temperature difference is obvious, it is more likely to be affected. The seam fracture is irregular, wearable ground part surface part crack can’t be sealed with jointing oil paste, moisture or moisture will have the opportunity to invade, winter will be easy to be frozen and swelling to crack, time to form a vicious circle, seriously affect the durability of the ground use. 07 years the southern region suffered from freezing, a lot of room floor tiles will be frozen and swelling and hollow drum, have to be re-decorated.Is It Necessary To Cut Through The Expansion Joints Of Wear-Resistant Ground?
  2. Wear-resistant ground expansion joints cut through, should be used in a timely manner to design requirements of the use of caulking material caulking, the general maximum distance of the cut joints 6m seam width not less than 5mm, horizontal and vertical direction should be regular.
  3. Vertical through horizontal half.