With the continuous development of modern machinery industry, plate cutting and processing of the number of products, quality and efficiency has also been correspondingly improved, while also promoting the leapfrog development of the cutting machine industry. In the process of mechanical processing, plate cutting is generally divided into manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting and cnc cutting and other kinds of operation, they are not the same, so what are the safety procedures to follow when operating the cutting machine?

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General rules

  1. Body to implement the safety of the first -, prevention-oriented” Policy, strengthen safety management, enhance safety awareness, ensure safe production, eliminate unsafe behavior, unsafe state of things, so that the safe production of rules to follow, there is a basis for the development of these regulations.
  2. Operators must strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the “Chemical enterprise safety management system and the “Chemical safety production ban”. 1.3 this regulation is applicable to the maintenance post operators in each workshop.

Preparation before cutting

  1. The performance of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure the integrity of the components. 1.2 the power switch, the tightness of the saw blade, the saw blade guard or safety stopper should be checked in detail, the operating table must be stable, and there should be sufficient lighting brightness when operating at night.
  2. Before use, first open the main switch, no-load test rotation a few turns, to confirm the safety of the error before allowing the start.
  3. Before operation, you must check whether the power supply matches the regular rated voltage of 220va on the power tool, so as not to connect it to the 380va power supply by mistake.

Cutting precautions

  1. The cutting machine must be fully concentrated when working, not only to keep a clear head, but also to operate the power tool rationally. It is strictly forbidden to operate the cutting machine after fatigue, alcohol or stimulants, drugs.
  2. The power line must be safe and reliable, forbidden to pull it privately, be careful about the placement of the power line, do not be cut off. The performance of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure that all parts are intact.
  3. Wear appropriate work clothes, do not wear too loose work clothes, do not wear jewelry or long hair, gloves and cuffs are strictly prohibited without buckle and operation.
  4. The processed workpiece must be clamped firmly, and it is strictly forbidden to start cutting without clamping the workpiece tightly.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to grind the burr of the workpiece on the grinding wheel plane to prevent the grinding wheel piece from breaking.
  6. When cutting, the operator must deviate from the front of the grinding wheel and wear protective glasses. 2.7 it is strictly forbidden to use the defective grinding wheel, prevent sparks from splashing when cutting, and keep away from flammable and explosive substances.
  7. When clamping the workpiece, it should be clamped smoothly and firmly, and the protective shield must be installed correctly, and after clamping, the machine should be checked by air rotation without shaking and abnormal noise.
  8. When replacing the new cutting blade or grinding wheel blade in the middle, do not put too much force on the lock nut to prevent the saw blade or grinding wheel blade from cracking and accident.
  9. Must steadily hold the cutting machine handle evenly and hard to cut vertically, and the fixed end should be firm and reliable.
  10. Do not try to cut the small workpiece that is not clamped or the profile with serious edges.
  11. Improve efficiency. Before sawing a single branch or multiple branches together, make sure to do a good job of auxiliary clamping and positioning work.
  12. No powerful sawing operation should be carried out, and full speed should be achieved in cutting.
  13. No one is allowed to stand behind the saw, power failure, rest or leave the workplace, should immediately cut off the power.
  14. The saw blade does not stop when not to release from the saw or workpiece any – a hand or raise the arm.
  15. Do not operate without the guard in place, and do not put your hands within 15 cm of the saw blade.Notes On The Use Of Cutting Machines

Cutting blade use method

The 400mm diameter high-speed resin cutting wheel (hereinafter referred to as cutting blade) is widely used in many industries for its high efficiency, convenience, economy and other unique properties. However, many people neglect to choose the cutting blade reasonably according to their own use occasions.

Occasions of using cutting blades

The cutting blade is divided into cutting and polishing category from the way of use. The cutting table has fixed and mobile, and the power of the machine has high power (>5.5kw) and low power (<3kw). Cutting speed has a high-speed cutting (> 80m / s) and ordinary cutting. Also cutting materials are various, such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, ordinary steel, sticky metal, high carbon steel, non-metal, etc. Different use occasions have different requirements for the performance of cutting blades, so a reasonable choice of cutting blades is essential. According to their own use of the occasion to choose a good cutting blade can increase the safety factor, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of use.Notes On The Use Of Cutting Machines

The use and quality requirements of cutting blades

Made of abrasives and bonding resin, etc. For ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metal material cutting blade. Due to the needs of industry and cutting technology, the cutting blade technology is now more and more developed, and the hardness of the cutting blade technology is also getting higher and higher. Here we look at what is the importance of cutting blade hardness.

Cutting blade are used high-strength resin and preferred special abrasive, they allow a large linear speed, are more than 50 m / s, not easy to brittle; cutting sharp, cutting heat is very small, cutting blade samples heat affected layer shallow, thus minimizing interference. Cutting sheet is widely used in machinery, automobile, ship, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. It can also be used in modern housing, plant iron decoration and equipment repair. Professional grinding general metal, stainless steel, broken fire steel, tool steel construction metal, casting gray iron, hard cast iron metal.

Super hard abrasives itself has a very high hardness, so it can process a variety of high hardness materials, especially the materials that are difficult to process by ordinary abrasives. For example, using diamond abrasives to process cemented carbide as well as ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials, stone, concrete and other non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals.

With less wear and tear, long service life and high grinding ratio, super hard cutting discs can obtain good economic effects under reasonable use, especially for materials that are difficult to be