HKQF-1000A Concrete Saw Machine

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HKQF-1000A Concrete Saw Machine

$5,200.00 $2,600.00

HKQF-1000A Concrete Saw Machine embraces diamond saw blade, quick cutting speed, neat and gorgeous cutting edge. It is suitable for cutting various types of concrete, asphalt pavement, plaza, factory growth joints; and other types of concrete parts of all kinds of cutting and grooving.



Date sheet of the HKQF-1000A Concrete Saw

Linear velocity 47-50 m/s
Maximum cutting 38 cm
Weight 400 kg
Volume of water tank 55 L
Blade Diameter 1000 cm

HKQF-1000A Concrete Saw Machine is a little cutting machine powered by gas or diesel engine. The maker can cut tarmac, concrete pavement, marble piece pavement, terrazzo pavement and all type of concrete parts after setting up Jin Gang stone saw blade. It can be commonly used in road construction, building construction, stone processing, cement components and other markets without power supply facilities.
Concrete roadway saw has basic structure, little size, versatile operation, labor conserving, low vibration, beautiful and straight cut, high efficiency, it is a typical maker for cutting in the above industries. The front of the pusher is equipped with a handwheel to adjust the cutting depth, and turning the handwheel can alter the range in between the front and rear travel wheels, and the saw blade will then increase or fall.

HKQF-1000A Concrete Saw

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