Treatment Of Expansion Joints After The Construction Of Wear-Resistant Flooring

Core tip: After the construction of concrete flooring projects are to do the last step of processing, namely, the cutting and treatment of the floor expansion joints, wear-resistant flooring is no exception.

The attention of cutting expansion joints after construction of wear-resistant flooring.

  1. The exact timing of the cutting of the expansion joint is the key, cut early and easy to collapse the edge, cut out of the effect. The best time to cut the expansion joints of the wear-resistant flooring is the next day after construction completion. The best time to cut the expansion joint is the day after the construction is completed. In addition to the timing, the straightness of the joint depends on both stretching and cutting, and a skilled worker can be selected to cut the joint with the help of an infrared emitter if necessary. The width of the cut expansion joint is generally 3-5mm, the depth is generally 1/3-1/2 of the cement concrete thickness, and the length and width of the separated cement concrete area block after cutting the expansion joint is 6-8m, which can be based on the column spacing or the design drawings.
  2. Immediately after cutting, the cement mortar produced on both sides of the expansion joint should be removed to avoid difficult to clean up after drying.
  3. Before filling the joint, the small stones and debris in the joint should be removed by hooks, and then the industrial vacuum cleaner to remove the dust in the joint, if necessary, can be rinsed with water, to be dried before filling the joint according to the design requirements.Treatment Of Expansion Joints After The Construction Of Wear-Resistant Flooring
  4. The bottom of the expansion joint is filled with sponge tape (6 units diameter) and the top is evenly filled with a special polyurethane caulking gun. When filling, pay attention to fill evenly, full, no holes, broken and other phenomena, while filling and decorating, make the surface smooth, straight and beautiful. At the same time, avoid pollution to the edge of the expansion joint and other areas, once the pollution should be removed in time, if necessary, with the help of non-corrosive chemical solvents to wear-resistant flooring.